Friday, December 02, 2005

Blog Virus Found In North Arizona

A deadly mutated strain of avian bird flu virus has been traced to a bubble blogger in northern Arizona. Early today the World Health Organization (WHO) issued a Level II warning: "The northern Arizona case may be isolated, however there is a very high probability it will spread quickly. The avian virus required minimal mutation to move from the domestic chicken population to the bubble blog. If the virus is spread via internet bubble blogs it could wipe out three to five million unhappy renters in a matter of hours." WHO's Zahn Furst, professor of animal husbandry, added this Level III.c Advisory: "It does not require a signifcant leap of faith to predict the virus will migrate from the bubble bloggers to their relatives, threatening the entire population of California lemmings. My wife does not agree, but she's a bitch. Literally."


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